Prayer for God’s Guidance

Prayer for God’s Guidance” is a heartfelt plea that many individuals turn to in times of uncertainty and need. This prayer encapsulates the deep desire to seek divine direction, wisdom, and protection on life’s journey. It serves as a beacon of hope and trust in the belief that God’s guidance will lead one towards a path of light and purpose.

Through this prayer, we express our willingness to surrender to the will of the Divine, inviting God’s presence to illuminate our way and provide clarity in decision-making. The essence of this prayer lies in the recognition of our dependence on God’s infinite wisdom and love, acknowledging that His guidance is the ultimate source of strength and peace in our lives.

Prayer for Gods Guidance

Father in Heaven,
You made me Your child
and called me to walk in the Light of Christ.
Free me from darkness
and keep me in the Light of Your Truth.
The Light of Jesus has scattered
the darkness of hatred and sin.
Called to that Light,
I ask for Your guidance.
Form my life in Your Truth,
my heart in Your Love.
Through the Holy Eucharist,
give me the power of Your Grace
that I may walk in the Light of Jesus
and serve Him faithfully.